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GoodClause™ rates & reviews documents from the premier online legal sites in Australia. We are continually building on the list below. Our aim is to provide Australia's most comprenhensive resource for finding top quality, affordable online legal services.

Legal Sites

LawLive Australia

LawLive's library is impressive with 400+ contracts and documents!...


LawPath has done a great job of taking technology from other industries and applying them to law. It offers a sophisticated document generation system and the option to obtain fixe...

RP Emery

The RP Emery site looks a bit home-spun and outdated but it gets the job done. There are real people behind the business who you can talk to and they offer a huge range of legal fo...


Unlike many of its competitors, Legal123 is more than just a legal publisher, it's a registered legal practice and has lawyers on staff who can advise on its legal templates. ...

Law Central

Law Central has a partner firm, Law Central Legal. They provide helpful hints for use of its documents, called Legal Tutors. The law firm can also give you professional advice and ...



Net Lawman

Net Lawman were ahead of their time when they started operating in 2001. At that time, few people were looking online for legal documents. Today, the internet is a "go-to" for anyo...


Cleardocs lives up to it's name and tag line of 'Clarify | Simplicity | Ease of Use'. It's taken documents prepared by partner law firm, Maddocks, and meticulously redrafted them ...


The Law4US site offers legal templates in a very basic way and doesn't have the professional appearance of many of its competitors....

State Trustees





The documents from Legal Zebra are short, sharp, clear and simple....


Wonder.Legal has a great user experience. You can see your document completed on the fly as you answer the questions. What's more, document pricing is determined by Artifical Intel...


Zegal is much more than a legal template vendor. It offers a complete platform to create, sign, manage, and store legal documents online. With Zegal, your business can tailor custo...


... Australia

... Australia

LegalContracts has a very effective form-filling system. For most answers you can simply click on an icon to choose your answer.

This makes completing a legal document (a...

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